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Developer? — Earn from $1000 on Android or iOS application development

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$ Revenue Downloads
53 112 $ 3718
34 013 $ 2381
100$ for the first published and tested application Reserve $100
0,07$ for each unique installation of application
Without Promotion costs
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$ Revenue Downloads
53 112 $ 3718
34 013 $ 2381
71 348 $ 4994
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How to start?

How to start?

Development within 3 days

You develop a simple webview app in Playmarket/iTunes in any language convenient for you using the detailed manual and add a couple of popular SDKs. Publish the app in the store on our or your developer's account.


We are testing the application and publishing it on our platform for app advertisers multi.


Advertisers with large budgets run ads on your apps. They use WebView to show their links to their clients inside your apps.


You earn money for each unique installation of your application. The more applications with different designs, the more money you can earn. $1,000 per month is not the limit.

Open Terms of Reference


There Is an advertiser who owns a browser game about dwarves. He wants his game to be played on a mobile phone through an app because people like playing games through the browser less recently. He places a link to his game in your app via the service. And promotes your app. Users see a game about dwarves. You get paid for each install. The advertiser receives money from in-game purchases.

Develop an application

Examples of applications

Golden Lucky
Downloads: 470346 Revenue: $ 89365.74
Crazy Monkey
4945223 $ 593426.76
Big Cherry Fun
696090 $ 132257.1
Spin to Win Free Diamond - Luck By Spin
635484 $ 158871
Joker Spin
Downloads: 511538 Revenue: $ 61384.56
First Color Runner
0 $ 0
Book of Treasure
0 $ 0
Monkeys Adventure
0 $ 0
Kirill Leader
Julia Account Manager
Konstantin Marketing Expert
Sergey Leader of the Development Team

Goal of the Company

We love mobile apps and we strongly believe that in a few years 95% of mobile traffic will be generated by mobile devices and apps that.

Webview is a simple but powerful technology that allows you to transfer popular games in 2020 to mobile devices and join the transformation of the desktop Internet into the mobile one.

Our mission is to create a platform where any developer who can write high-quality code can earn several thousand dollars a month without advertising skills. Our interest is that we take a commission from each advertiser's installation but we do not take any commission from developers.

I am a developer

Apps work for you

Payment for each install $0.07, real-time revenue statistics
Develop in any language, framework, for iOS or Android
Support on technical issues from developers who have already released hundreds of apps
Juniors, Middles, Seniors work with us
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Why not everyone can
earn from $1000 per month?

Google and Apple don't like non-unique code, so if you're not ready to write a game from scratch yourself, then the code you're going to upload needs to be heavily refactored

The app may be banned 2-6 weeks after launch, and you will need to upload something new to earn more

If you are not ready for the fact that you may fail at the first try, then this project is probably not for you

Advertisers will only spend money on apps that work without bugs and look attractive, so only those developers who are ready to draw a cool ASO themselves or are able to find a freelancer/performer for a reasonable fee will be able to earn a lot

If you still believe that you have the perseverance to overcome potential difficulties, get bans, analyze, solve problems and earn $1000-4000 per month for high-quality code, then register, read the Terms of Reference and write to your Personal Manager.

Payouts 7 days a week from $50